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NFT Platinum X Leadership in Retail by Retail Hub (Limited Edition of 33 pcs. hi-res)

NFT Platinum X Leadership in Retail by Retail Hub (Limited Edition of 33 pcs. hi-res)

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A disruptive reinterpretation of a picture of Villa d'Este Resort by the renown artist Gianluca Iadema of Iadema Studio

"Art and technology have long been fused at a nuclear level.
For the occasion, a work has been created that, starting from the splendid architecture of  the luxurious Villa d'Este, nestled on the shores of the stunning Lake Como, turns it into a dream using advanced technologies: voids, digital cracks, between presence and memory, reality and imagination. Tangibility crumbles and concrete turns into water, from which the grandeur and aura of the building shine through in a cloud of dots."

TOKENANCE is a proud equity partner of Iadema Studio

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This is the image from which the artist developed his reinterpretation

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