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Lugano Elegance 2023 by Marco Pagot - digital artwork with NFT for Charity (1/1)

Lugano Elegance 2023 by Marco Pagot - digital artwork with NFT for Charity (1/1)

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May 7th, 2023:
Congratulations to the Winner! We are delighted to announce that the online auction has officially ended, and the lot has sold for an hammer price of 589 EUR!

This exclusive artwork has been created by Marco Pagot and offered by the artist for Charity to Lugano Elegance 2023 by Lions Club Monteceneri . It's a unique digital piece and no copies or prints will ever be available, forever.

Class of '57, Marco was born in Milan. Today he lives between Paris, Lugano, and his hometown. He grew up under the guidance of his father Nino and his uncle Toni, pioneers of Italian animation, where he learned all the phases of the animated drawing process. He is therefore a son of art. Although he slowly savored the passion for drawing. "Determination made the difference in my career." He joined the company at a very young age, 13, and only two years later he lost his father. And for many animated characters, a new era began, that of Marco Pagot.

By bidding the Auction and completing the purchase process / winning the auction, your above Digital Artwork will be downloadable through a link received at the end of the check-out; alternatively you may download it from the automatic email confirmation sent to you upon purchase completion.

In order to receive your purchased Artwork’s NFT (Non-Fungible-Token/blockchain certificate) FOR FREE, please visit our verification website and insert an Ethereum compatible wallet address (i.e. MetaMask - - or similar), together with the requested info. Kindly allow us 7 days to send the related NFT (Non-Fungible-Token / blockchain certificate) of this Artwork to your crypto-wallet.

*Disclaimer: the above process must be completed within 3 (three) months post purchase, in order to receive your Artwork's NFT.

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