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We are constantly rolling out new campaigns and promotion projects for digital and physical products, along with their blockchain digital-twins – or NFTs, offering a highly innovative marketing and communication system to radically improve the engagement and loyalty of our clients' customers.
The Unikquo.com system is based on a wallet-free, tailor-made Phygital Items and NFTs curated platform, featuring several checkout options with real-time blockchain digital-twin delivery.
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The Indie Beauty Shop

The Indie Beauty Shop è una digital boutique italiana che offre cosmetici sostenibili e clean, realizzati da brand di nicchia italiani e internazionali, attivi nella ricerca di materie prime organiche di qualità e attenti al benessere della pelle e del pianeta.


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"Somebody - Digital Recycle Lab"

A project born from observing, photographing and combining objects that the artist encountered in the course of his daily life.



Un_i[n]verso is a collection of 100 unique audiovisual miniatures and images related to each other. 

Windows by Hani Abbas for UNHCR

Hani Abbas

Windows for UNHCR


Arianna Bonucci



Curated collection