Un_i[n]verso is a collection of 100 unique audiovisual miniatures and images related to each other. 

On a dramaturgical level, it can be summarised as a constant, slow zoom that starts from macroscopic dimensions, entering deconstructed cities and their details, floating between reality and imagination.

The NFT series is modelled on the concept of the physical audiovisual sculpture and its narrative, for lights/shadows, concrete reinforcement sculptures, 4ch sound diffusion and video projection. The work stems from the desire to explore the broad concept of matter, between concreteness and transparency, with the aim of establishing a system in which different types of media merge with each other. Thus, creating an artistic form in which the viewer no longer perceived them as separated, but rather experiences them as a whole. 

In this case, the digital works are an integral part of the concept of the physical version of the project, namely that of a constant dematerialisation of the work.