"Somebody - Digital Recycle Lab "

by Andy H00d


Today there is a widespread agreement all around the world, which claims that most of the population lives self-absorbed in their own cell phone devices. The divide between the digital and the real no longer exists. We are connected all the time. To convey this message we have given birth to the Andy Hood project, a creative space which foregrounds the relationship between identity, cyberspace and technology through art.We break new ground on themes such of digital selfdom, fame and the correlation between the individual and the great cyber world. Andy Hood gives you the opportunity to perform and transform yourself in an infinite variety of identities, connect and co-work virtually and explore modern days art.  Our main focus is to build connection, sell and support abstract, virtual projects.

"Somebody - Digital Recycle Lab" - Artworks #20, #30 and #40 are the first 3 NFTs of this collection, available for minting exclusively on unikquo.com

A project born from observing and photographing objects that the artist encountered in the course of his daily life. Using his creativity, he then transformed these objects into unique characters. The result is a collection of 270 figures in search of an owner to give them a name and a distinct identity. This project can be seen as a digital orphanage where potential new parents can choose who strikes them emotionally and purchase them. Ideally, the character will become theirs and they can give it a new home and identity. Andy H00d's "Somebody" is a unique project that combines the artist's keen observational skills and imagination to create a collection of intriguing and endearing characters. The project invites the viewer to engage with the creations and become part of their story, creating a sense of connection and belonging. Look at them, choose them instinctively, and make them part of your world! Visit the Artist's website andyh00d.com